Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's not the model,it's the journalists

I was impressed with Steve Yelvington when he appeared online at a UCLAN journalism forum last year and am also impressed by his words when he responds to Jeff Jarvis's comments that newspapers cannot replace print revenue when they go online.

Once again he says

I'm concerned that journalists just don't understand their role in creating or solving the underlying problem.

Interestingly he believes that

It’s primarily a failure to attract and retain a commercially relevant audience
that’s breaking the newspaper business model.

The 20th century content model isn’t working any more, regardless of
whether it’s in print or beamed directly into your cerebral cortex by a modified
laser beam.

and he says

If I were looking for good news, I’d be looking at the transition that many
companies are making from single-product strategy to a portfolio/aggregation
strategy. I’d be looking at the newspapers that are beginning to figure out
behavioral targeting in a network context. I’d be looking for new newsrooms that
are beginning to really grasp the breadth of their roles outside the simple 24×7
breaking-news concept.

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