Sunday, January 04, 2009

On the media coverage of Gaza invasion

The invasion of Gaza by Israeli ground forces yesterday evening has shown up the power of online over the traditional media.

The rapidly changing events especially on a night when newspapers are generally put to bed early have created an ideal platform for online content.

As regards televising coverage,Sky seem to be beating the BBC coverage hands down and have even put Al Jazeera into the shade.

On the same subject,Editor and Publisher have taken a rather critical stand on the American media's coverage of the crisis,Greg Mitchell commenting that

Most notably, after more than eight days of Israeli bombing and Hamas rocket launching in Gaza, The New York Times had produced exactly one editorial, not a single commentary by any of its columnists, and only one op-ed (twice the normal length and favoring Israel's bombing). The editorial, several days ago, did argue against the wisdom of a ground invasion - - but even though that invasion had become ever more likely all week the paper did not return to this subject.

No doubting that once the fighting is over,the world's major news organisations will be heavily scrutinised over any perceived bias on the part of either of the incumbents

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