Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Media is the message

The media themselves and not the stories they carry are important; their characteristics being more significant and influential than their content.

A fair reflection.These are the words of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan(Ht-Pr Media Blog who concluded therefore that the medium is the message.

Rob Brown asks whether with the decline of newspapers this theory is aboit to be disproved?

it is argued that the channel is not important, the stories, if good enough will find us. Content rules supreme.
but is this really the case?

Trdaitional media he argues still bases its reputaion on ethics and thus will be seen as a trusted source of information

we can trust traditional media because we have learnt that the trust is well placed and because they operate checks and balances to ensure quality and veracity. In time many print newspapers will disappear but the best will survive, thrive and continue to set the news agenda, with their pixellated versions gradually replacing the ink and paper.

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