Friday, August 21, 2009

Another shift in the Murdoch stable?

So does the decision by the Murdoch empire to close the London paper mark a radical shift in Rupert Murdoch's attitude to free news?

Last night his son James announced that the experiment in shoving free papers in the faces of London commuters had "fallen short of expectations.

The project which employs over 60 people lost £12.9m in the year to June 2008.

According to Patrick Smith writing at Paid Content

Murdoch’s decision to axe that paper today shows just how much the axis of publishing has shifted: just as proprietors are growing weary of readers enjoying their online news for free, there is not nearly the same confidence in the free print model there was three years ago and publishers are reverting to ways of maximising user revenue in all media instead of giving it away for nothing.

No doubt the other London freebies,Lite and the Metro will be watching developments and maybe up here in Manchester the MEN's free experiment will also be coming under scrutiny

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