Friday, August 14, 2009

Battle of the county magazines

An interesting story from How Do over the circulation battle between the two main Lancashire lifestyle magazines which reports

Lancashire Life magazine and its younger rival Lancashire magazine has now required the intervention of the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

The conflict broke out on the cover of July's Lancashire magazine which claimed that it was the fastest growing county magazine.

It was then forced to carry the following disclaimer in its next edition after complaints from its rival

Circulation. The front cover of the July issue of Lancashire Magazine carried the statement ‘The fastest-growing county magazine: 109,139 extra sales’. We would like to point out that this statement is not supported by ABC circulation figures when compared on a like for like basis and that the quoted extra sales figure of 109, 139 is our own data including the period before we were ABC certified. The latest ABC certified circulation figure for Lancashire Magazine is 20,013 for the period July to December 2008.”

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