Friday, August 14, 2009

An Iraqi journalist in Tuscon Arizona

A casr of turning the tables as an Iraqi journalist makes his home in the United States.

Mudhafar al-Husseini has been in the country for more than three months but as he says

I first realized that life in America was not as easy and smooth as it appeared in Hollywood movies.
noting that he was

astonished by several things I never imagined about life in America. Life is very serious and practical here, and people don't have much time to talk on the street, in markets, or even in public places. It seems everyone is busy with his or her own business and daily concerns.

And on the war

I was also surprised that most Americans know nothing about the reality of the war in Iraq. I sometimes find it hard to explain, because Iraq is a complicated place. I think it's the history, the civilization, and the old sand of that country that makes it harder than others to be understood. These aspects were not considered at all before the war. You have to study Iraqi history well and get to know the culture more before dealing with the people on a long-term basis.


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