Friday, August 14, 2009

The seven laws of journalism

Welcome to the seven laws of journalism,at least according to Danna Walker,Associate Professor in Residence for Journalism in the USA

Here are her tips for budding journalism students

1.Journalism isn’t dead. Yes, journalism as we knew it once is gone,but we can’t live without cars, and we can’t live without news and information.

2.Money counts. If you’re going into journalism, learn the basics of business. Yes, news sites are giving away content for free, but that is changing and your time is worth cold, hard cash.

3.Grow a pair. think of yourself as a first responder. You walk toward the danger, even if the danger at the time is simply approaching a big-name politician in a Capitol hallway.

4.Life is hard (so deal with it)if you want to get a story, you’ve got to be able to keep appointments, dog people, and spend time developing and writing it.

5.You’re a story factory. Care about your audience. Your world is your assembly line.

6.Use technology as a means to an end.

7.people fought and died so you could do what you do, and a lot of people all over the world would kill to be able to do it, You have rights in order to “do” journalism, so flaunt them.

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