Monday, August 17, 2009

Branding for journalists

Tips for the new breed of online journalist come from Adam Westbrook who kicks off a series of 6 blog postings by reminding us of Andrew Neil's comments from back in 2006

The journalist of the future…will have more than one employer and become a brand in his own right” he wrote. With full time jobs in well staffed newsrooms becoming more sparse, but opportunities outside traditional/mainstream journalism becoming more plenty, this prediction is coming true. So, what can you do to boost your brand?

So to boost your brand you must

1. try and own your domain name ( or or

2.define your own niche-you need to be able to give someone the elevator pitch about yourself too. A niche will give you a vital advantage over general-news journalists.

3.have a great website and blog

4.have a fresh CV and showreel

5.spread yourself across as many social networks as possible but make sure that the message is consistent

6.promote yourself at networking events, conferences and other shindigs.

I look forward to Adam's next installment

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