Monday, August 10, 2009

Whatever happened to citizen journalism

When I started this blog,it was one of the main topics of conversation back in 2006.The July 7th bombing,the Buncefield refinery fire,all were signs of a growing shift towards user generated connect.

But we here those phrases less and less in today's media talk

The trouble with citizen journalism on the Internet - and the reason newspapers will survive this onslaught, just as they did the predictions of doom and disaster meted out by radio and television - is threefold: quantity, quality and regularity, each intertwined with the others.
writes Bob Groeneveld,

Too much information,a lack of quality and frequency were all cited at the time as being a reason why the phenomena wouldn't last.

And yet with hyper local and community it may be that citizen journalism with some help from the professionals may be the saviour of content

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