Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farrell files his account of his kidnapping

The news of his kidnapping may have been subject to a blackout but Stephen Farrell is quickly using technology to post an account of his ordeal at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan

You can read it in full at the New York Times,here is an excerpt as he is rescued and his interpreter is killed

Vague sounds coalesced into northern British vowels. One voice was urging someone to get a ladder up over the wall and into the compound we had just left. Pressing my face down as low as I could I screamed, “British hostage, British hostage,” and flashed the light once, very briefly to tell them the direction. I heard a voice saying something like: “British hostage approach me with your hands in the air and lie down on the ground.”
I complied, dropping the camera bag and all its contents. While I wanted to keep my equipment, emerging suddenly from the dark carrying a bag seemed an insane risk.
I lay on the ground, gave my name and newspaper and pointed to where Sultan was lying behind me, telling them I thought he had been shot.

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Anonymous said...

Was this guy worth a soldier's death? I don't think so.