Saturday, September 12, 2009

New study shows shows social media rising up the priority of agencies

A new report on the media buying plans of advertisers and agencies indicates that having a "presence on social networks" is one of the top priorities of their media plans for next year.

2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study,found that 57.7% of respondents "ideally" plan, and 56.3% "realistically" plan to include social media in their media plans next year.

The study covers more than 25 industries, including advertising, automotive, business service, pharmaceutical, restaurant, technology, healthcare, entertainment, education, travel, nonprofit, financial, home improvement, luxury, telecom, media and electronics,

Amongst its other findings,were that those who plan, buy, approve media would ideally buy presence on a social network.
Almost two times more would ideally buy mobile video than will realistically buy it
and agencies and brands both would ideally buy more national TV than they will realistically buy

Via Online media daily

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