Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Barrymore is once again outed by the tabloids.

Both the Sun and the Mail have tracked down the former Strike It Lucky stat who fell from Prime Television after the death of Stuart Lubbock who was found in the swimming pool at the star's home in Roydon, Essex.

The Sun calls him Michael Barrowmore as it finds him

is reduced to mucking out a pal's garage.
Barrymore, once host of ITV's prime-time show Strike It Lucky, now spends his weekends polishing cars, clearing junk and sweeping the forecourt.

The Mail reports that

The 57-year-old toils throughout the day as he piles barrowloads of rubbish into a skip with a shovel, washes cars and throws away cardboard boxes at Shiltons Bodyworks in Epping, Essex.
Barrymore, who has battled drink and drugs, has spent the past nine months working hard to stay clean and sober.

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