Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gripes and moans about the Digital Bill

The internet was alive with the Digital Britain bill yesterday.

The main conclusion it seems was that most in the digital and media professions are not happy with it.

There is a good synopsis by KPMG’s director of intellectual property Mark Harding over at Paid Content.

His main gripe being that

there appears to be too much focus on policing the net rather than promoting digital enterprise and access. Ultimately, piracy measures alone will not solve the underlying issue of revenue models for content owners.

For Mark the key area which remains undefined is how to measure the target of reducing file sharing by 70 percent.

In recent months, file sharing activity has seen a reduction, which could well be due in part to the growing popularity of music streaming sites, particularly among young people, enabling those who simply want to access content rather than own it, to do just that.

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