Saturday, November 21, 2009

The UK needs to look at lessons in broadband adapation

Lesson for the UK?

Across the Atlantic,The Federal Commission has listed seven obstacles in the road towards universal use of broadband.

In the United States almost two-thirds of adults have broadband connections at home, but of course that's a long way from the country's ultimate goal.

The biggest problem according to the commission,

The Universal Service Fund. The USF was created to directly subsidize phone service for low income people and to support service providers in rural areas. It does all that, but at an exorbitant cost and with increasingly irrelevant results. The United States now spends about $7 billion every year to support this pooch, a result of lousy auditing methods, goofy standards for measuring provider costs, and an intercarrier compensation system that was designed for a pre-IP-telephony world.

However it also identifies

2. The broadband adoption gap.

3. The consumer information gap.

4. The spectrum gap.

5. The deployment gap.

6. The television set-top box innovation gap.

7. The personal data gap.

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