Sunday, November 22, 2009

Local people getting angry in local papers

Thanks to the Indy's John Rentoul who found this website which he says continues to provide a top-quality running commentary on the state of rage against modern life.

It is called Angry people in local newspapers and takes the news from the local papers from people who are literally angry with the way things are happening in their community.

Today's anger comes from the Norwich Evening news where

Almost 200 people have added their names to a petition calling for refurbishment work to be carried out on a pub which would enable a keen couple to re-open it.

Or this from the Bournmouth Echo where

Christmas lights have been banned from sale at Bournemouth’s Christmas market after council contractors branded them “not relevant.”
Now businessman Daryl Self, who bought in £200,000 worth of Blachere fairy lights in the hope of selling half his stock at the Christmas market, has been left with stacks of unopened boxes in a Christchurch warehouse.

Needless to say I have subscribed to the site on by RSS reader.

You can also follow them on twitter

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