Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a Google day

Yesterday was certainly a google day across the world.

The organisation announced that it had agreed to acquire AdMob, the fast-growing mobile advertising start-up, for $750 million.

Ad Mob,it may not surprise you is one of the leading developers of mobile apps in the US and its acquisition could help establish Google as an early leader in the small but rapidly expanding mobile phone advertising business.

Meanwhile the compnay was on the end of a tirade from Rupert Murdoch who threatened to remove stories from Google's search index as a way to encourage people to pay for content online.

According to Guardian media,Murdoch said that

newspapers in his media empire – including the Sun, the Times and the Wall Street Journal – would consider blocking Google entirely once they had enacted plans to charge people for reading their stories on the web.

However as Charle Arthur points out

The threat to exclude Google from News International websites won't have caused much lost sleep over in the search engine's headquarters in Mountain View in California.
adding that his threat

is akin to a runner at a sports event threatening to shoot himself in the foot: the ticket-seller, noting that all the other entrants aren't making the same threat, isn't going to be worried.

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