Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Journalism models and Rick Waghorn's Evslin's law

Whilst we were discussing the future of journalism at Open 09 yesterday,I picked up a tweet from Rick Waghorn,who I would describe as the godfather of hyper local.

Decided that big is bust; that the future of news will be 'small, but perfectly formed'. Now just got to write a blog post to match...

Spot on Rick I replied and he kindly tweeted a blog post that he had written earlier this year "A new business model for journalism? Well, you start with Evslin’s Law and work from the bottom up…"

I remembered reading it at the time but it was good to refresh and remind

For those who don't know Evslin's Law,Rick kindly explains all

‘An ad network that extracts the minimum commission it can afford out of ad sales for member sites will grow larger because more sites will join this network than its greedier competitors.
‘Ad networks need a critical mass of audience before they can sell to top-tier advertisers, which pay higher rates. So charging less commission to grow larger can yield more ad sales at better prices…

But the crux of the argument is this

Evslin’s Law in its editorial form would take us; to that hyper-local community that meets and mingles at the school gates every afternoon. In nigh on each and every postcode in this country.
and he adds

That’s where you draw your line; build your network from… You work from the very bottom up; not hope to find an answer that is imposed from the top down.
You start at the very bottom; with a basic molecule of editorial life and then build our new, journalistic platforms from there.


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