Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Spectator seems happy with its paywall

This morning has seen a couple of interesting items regarding the paywall.

Chris Tryhorn of Paid Content reports on James Harding, the editor of the Times' comments yesterday.

Pledging to “rewrite the economics of newspapers”, Harding said the Times would charge for 24-hour access to that day’s edition of the paper alongside a subscription model, but dismissed the idea of micro-payments for individual articles.
Harding said the newspaper business had to avoid the mistakes of the music industry – and call time on free distribution.

Meanwhile the Spectator has announced that it hasn’t been hit that bad after raising the wall in September. It has lost around 2 per cemnt of its traffic following the switch but actually sales of the magazine have increased in the six weeks since its introduction.

Next on the agends=a is its luanch of the I-phone app which it will charge 59p a week for.

That will be a very interesting development to watch.

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