Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New social media editor at the Beeb but is he on twitter?

The BBC has announced that it has appointed its first social media editor

Alex Gubbay, who is currently news editor for BBC Sport Interactive will take on this new role in January, co-ordinating the work of correspondents and reporters using social media tools, and ensuring best practice is developed and shared within the BBC.
He will manage the existing user generated content hub within BBC Newswire, making the most of news stories suggested by users, as well as their case studies, photographs, videos and comments, across our website, and on TV and radio. The new role is being funded by redistributing money within BBC Newsroom.
Alex will have a particular focus on developing new ways for audiences to have their say on stories being covered by BBC News, and he will be blogging here frequently in the New Year.
writes Sam Taylor, the editor of Newswire.

Strangely though cannot find him on twitter-if yiu know better let me know?

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