Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Mega Turtles

Disappointing numbers at the session this morning but some interesting questions were posed.

1."How can the UK government best support its creative entrepreneurs and innovators"

2."How can we encourage more collaboration across disciplines to the benefit of the UK economy"

3.How do we ensure the UK can nurture and develop the necessary skills for individuals to participate in the creative digital economy.

Three very interlinked questions.

All the groups that I was involved in came to the conclusion that all three problems lie in the educational sector.That the innovative and entrepreneurial instincts need to be nurtured in the education system and at an early age so that the risk adverse society that we live in can be swept away.

The need for collaboration is paramount but we have forgotten how to network.As more have become virtual,the element of establishing trust has gone and this we need to return to a social arena in which we can comfortably do business and are at ease in sharing data.

As for government support,well yes there were the usual calls for the tax breaks and funding but really the issue is should it or should the initiative be with the private sector?

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