Friday, November 20, 2009

Murdoch identifies the high income values of WSJ's readers

It is hardly surprising that a lot of Rupert Murdoch's time and effort is going into the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has the wealthiest readership among print readers according to a new survey from Mediamark Research & Intelligence,
reports the Silicon Valley Insider

Its readership has an average income of $135,740 putting it above the following

Barron's ($126,710); The Economist ($124,701); United Hemispheres ($120,809); Washington Post Sunday ($120,400); The New York Times Sunday ($118,471); The New York Times daily ($115,816); American Way ($108,522); Condé Nast Traveler ($106,407); The Atlantic ($104,786); Southwest Spirit ($102,505); Architectural Digest ($101,159); and Yachting ($100,740).

via Adrian Monck

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