Friday, November 27, 2009

A new digital direction for the Telegraph

Yesterday it was anounced that the Telegraph's editor Will Lewis will be moving upstairs so to speak.

He will be managing a new digital division at the paper which will be tasked with creating cutting-edge ideas and new revenue streams.

He explains to New Media Age what the role entails

“Over the last three to five years we’ve established an integrated way of working. Because of that we’ve stepped on the gas and asked how we can do even better at creating digital products and services and new digital revenue streams. We spent quite a while thinking about it. It’s about setting up a new base camp and being able to draw on the resource here in Victoria and to use the brand if we choose and to use the content if we choose as well. While innovation continues in Victoria, we will take a different path to hunt down digital revenues in the new operation in Euston.

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