Thursday, November 12, 2009

News International accused of intrigue with the Tories

The Independent's lead story this morning suggests that David Cameron has done a deal with News International.

After this week's attacks on Gordon Brown in the Sun,Peter Mandelson went on the Today programme yesterday to accuse the Tories of such a move.

They suspect that the Conservative Party has been tailoring its policies on media regulation and the BBC to suit the commercial interests of News International, which owns The Sun, and that the paper's aggressive support for the Tories is a pay-off that could spread to other parts of the mass media.
and as if to further the cause

Yesterday, The Times, another Murdoch newspaper, announced that its veteran political editor, Phil Webster, is leaving the Commons, where he has been based for decades. Mr Webster is very well thought of by New Labour. His replacement, Roland Watson, was a friend of David Cameron's at Eton

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