Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why crowdsourcing may be doomed to failure

One of the problems identified with this cconcept that we call crowdsourcing is the very fact that people get rather fed up with doing something for nothing over time and a rapid enthusiasm will eventually turn to apathy.

Maybe Wikipedia is going to be a prime example of this as this graph show

As Matt Buckanan says

The decay of time, bitter infighting, and the increasing scope and strength of regulations slowly strangle the life out of Wikipedia, with editors—its braintrust—fleeing in droves, even as traffic at the world's fifth most-popular website keeps growing

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Martin Belam said...

Not entirely sure I agree with this assessment. Certainly edit wars and holier-than-thou editors can dent enthusiasm, but frankly with over 3 million articles in English already, how much is their left for new editors to write?