Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Apps,swine flu and celebs top the Facebook charts

The top Facebook trends in the USA for 2009 have been revealed.

The Independent reports that facebook applications,FML ("F*** My Life"), swine flu and celebrity deaths are the top issues debated on the social network site along with

References to family members, movies, sports, health care, Twitter, Lady Gaga and religion

According to the facebook blog Facebook has announced that

Facebook has provided a platform for developers to create a number of hugely popular applications, and it is no surprise that people are talking about them. You could almost say that 2009 was the year of the farm in status updates. Since its emergence in June 2009, Farmville became the most talked-about application in status updates and now boasts over 72 million monthly active users. It wasn't alone. Farm Town also ranked highly, as did general discussions with the word "farm."

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