Monday, December 28, 2009

Breeding like rabbits

What exactly is a social media expert?

According to this report at current rates twitter will be entirely over run by them in 3 years

In May 09 when we first used Tweepsearch to count of the Twitter bios of self-proclaimed social media gurus, experts, superstars and ninjas there were 4,487. A mere seven months later, we were shocked to see that there are now nearly 16.000. They are multiplying like rabbits.
She goes on to break out the 15,740 they found in the chart above.
This represents a 3.5x increase every 6 months. Projecting this growth forward means that there will be nearly 30m Social Media Experts etc on Twitter by this time in 2012, to add to the other disasters in that year (and 100m by mid 2013).

I have seen some tweets saying that if you weren't on twitter in 2007 then you are not a social media expert,the early adapters no doubt.However I fancy that this is simply an outbreak of social media snobbery.

But I am interested in what a social media expert is and what exactly qualifies somebody to say that(quickly checks twitter bio and no mention of socail media-good)


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