Thursday, December 03, 2009

Objectivity,subjectivity and transparency

Objective journalism is what it is all about.The Journalist should remain impartial,attempt to give a balance view and give all sides the chance to respond.

I was interested to read this article by Gina Chen over at Nieman and she raises a good point

Objectivity is unattainable in my mind unless robots begin to replace journalists But I think it’s a goal worth shooting for. Journalists should, I believe, try with all their might to show all sides (not just two) of a story, to be fair, to be accurate, to hold their own opinions in check in the telling. Even viewpoints we disagree with should get the airing of open discourse.

However she talks of the link between subjectivity and transparency

By not telling people what I thought or felt or believed, I may have been avoiding the near occasion of subjectivity, but I wasn’t being a better journalist. I wasn’t building trust with readers. Refraining to tell readers where I was coming from didn’t make me objective. It just failed to make me transparent.

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