Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Orwellian nightmare?

A warning from the Gaurdian's Marina Hyde who uses her Saturday column to advise that

If Simon Cowell's idea succeeds, the UK will be one vast reality show with leaders too weak to resist his nightmarish referendums

Earlier this week the pop guru had suggested that the UK's political debates could take a leaf out of his top rated show

A "political X Factor", in which hot topics are voted on by members of the public in instant referendums? A red phone in the middle of a shiny floor studio, just daring No 10 to call and explain its position on the death penalty, or why lethal force is not always the right response to the theft of a DVD player? Once again, our thanks are due to Simon Cowell, the first post-sentient human – not for simply showing us the people we could be, but for planning a lucrative deal with ITV that will make it all happen.

I am not a celebrity but PLEASE get me out of here

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