Saturday, December 19, 2009

What use is this "portal" if you don't have the internet

An interesting story from Scotland via Hold the Front Page which reports that

The editor of The Scotsman accused politicians of "doing their best to damage" the country's newspaper industry.
It followed a proposal from the Scottish Government that local authorities would no longer be obliged to publish public notices in print editions of newspapers.

The Scottish Parliament is

consulting on a change in the law to allow notices such as planning applications or road closures to be advertised on the internet.
and if approved

would allow councils to use a new public information notices portal, therefore saving local authorities millions of pounds, although it has been stressed they could still use other mediums if they so wished.

However this comment on the story sums it up

What use is this "portal" if you don't have the internet? It is a deliberate ploy to keep some sections of the community in the dark. The majority of the poor, the pensioners, those of us who have a life and don't spend all our time twittering... Typical politicians, you can't trust any of them.

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