Tuesday, January 05, 2010

As for the tablet

If the Apple Tablet is going to be the digital content development of 2010,then Apple are keeping it under wraps.

But as Mark Potts says

The idea of a portable device for reading newspapers and magazines has been kicking around for nearly two decades, dating back to concepts promulgated by erstwhile Knight Ridder new media/tablet guru Roger Fidler (who's still chasing his dream).

This is what Mark thinks its effect will be on the market.

1.For newspapers the tablet will give the ultiamte in personalised news

the tablet will add is location-awareness, giving publishers and advertisers the ability to tune their messages to where the user is.

2.For magazines

A portable magazine reader is important only if it greatly exploits the ability for interactivity that will finally make magazines (if they're smart) tap into the vital special-interest communities that are their subscriber bases.

3.For books unlike the Kindle

it will provide much more value. If you're going to carry a book reader, wouldn't you rather it be one that does tons of other things?

4.and for TV

This is where things start to get really interesting. The tablet could finally bring the long-dreamed-of "TV everywhere" concept to life, with a portable device that provides a la carte access to all sorts of video content

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