Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New innovative paper for Scotland

Former Scotsman editor,Stewart Kirkpatrick has announced that he is launching a new newspaper.

Writing on his blog he says

there is a substantial gap in the market. There is room - in fact, a desperate need - for an online, heavyweight publication committed to quality journalism. Scotland needs an intelligent title that uses the internet, not fights against it.

He promises some innovative things

1.our paper element will not be printed on a daily or even weekly basis. We will use print because it is a fantastic medium but we will use it innovative, unexpected ways.

2.we will focus on specialist areas of expertise. This publication will not try to be all things to all readers. It will not cover every cough and sniffle of the news landscape. It will zero in on what we think is important and leave the rest to other publications

3.we will focus on high-quality, in-depth journalism written by established experts.

Thx for the Ht-Roy Greenslade

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