Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Tuesday's papers are saying

The Guardian leads with an exclusive this morning reporting that top universities accuse Gordon Brown of jeopardising 800 years of higher education.

According to the paper,the leaders of the Russell Group of 20 leading universities say that hey could quickly be "brought to their knees" by the government's spending cuts of up to £2.5bn,

The Times has a poll which suggests support for Labour has fallen to its lowest level since September.However Gordon Brown has sharply improved his personal ratings, especially among Labour’s core support of unskilled manual workers.

Meanwhile the Independent reports that the Parliamentary Labour Party rallied strongly behind Mr Brown when he addressed its weekly meeting.

Another leader under attack,Peter Robinson, has asked a party colleague to step in as First Minister,

The shock movecame just one hour after DUP colleagues backed the beleaguered Mr Robinson, who was under pressure to resign over the scandal surrounding his wife's undisclosed financial dealings with her lover.
says the Telegraph

It leads with the story that Middle class professionals are facing an unprecedented crackdown on tax evasion by Government revenue inspectors.

The Mail asks Why were they left to die? As social services are accused of neglect

Mr and Mrs Randall were found at their home in Northampton on Thursday and there are fears that they may have been dead for several days before they were discovered. One MP has branded their deaths 'appalling' and 'probably completely needless'.

Yemen makes the front page of the Indy as Donald Macintyre discovers why the country will be unable to contain the threat from Al Qaeda

The theme taken up in the Telegraph which reports that Yemeni officials have admitted they are losing the battle against al-Qaeda

The Guardian reports that 3,021 people were killed in terrorist attacks in 2009 in Pakistan

Meanwhile according to a poll released yesterday,Afghans are far more optimistic about their future than they were a year ago and support the presence of US troops in their country,

Hate men are let off says the Sun as it reports that

Five Muslim fanatics who called our troops rapists and baby killers were let off with slaps on the wrists yesterday - and strolled out of court to stage ANOTHER ranting protest.

The cold weather continues and the Government ordered a further dramatic cut in the amount of grit used on roads to conserve rapidly dwindling supplies. reports the Mail

the Independent reports that A-level students face re-sitting their exams or being given special consideration after failing to make it through the snow in time to sit the tests yesterday.

Meanwhile the Times reports that pupils at a leading public school are to receive weekly 40-minute classes in meditation and stress relief in a ground-breaking addition to the school curriculum.

Ronnie Wood returns to the front pages of the Sun as the paper reports that his pals were stunned last night as the Rolling Stone got over his split from Katia by finding a new Russian babe in her twenties.

Finally according to the Guardian,researchers have found that Neanderthals enjoyed makeup

analysis of pierced, hand-coloured shells and lumps of pigment from two caves in south-east Spain suggests the cavepeople who stomped around Europe 50,000 years ago were far more intelligent – and cosmetically minded – than previously thought.

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