Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flow past logic and its implications

Is this the future of the web and information?

We should be thinking of the web these days as following a ‘Flow Past’ logic, as opposed to the more popular ‘real time web’.

Jonathon Oake certainly thinks so as he quotes an old piece from Kevin Marks

And is this true of a lot of what we do now.According to Jonathan

I have found myself less and less searching for pages, and more and more relying on the content that flows to me through Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, and Digg. What I do online is less about what I can find through search, but is instead mediated through the people I choose to follow.

Certianly I can vouch for a fair amount of that although when it comes to research the pages and the books still dominate.

The trend though does have some big implications for the businesses of online publishers.

the idea of the FPW is a decisive move beyond the ‘page’ metaphor, where the internet is seen as essentially a series of publications in which the user jumps from one to the other through search. In so doing, this represents a huge challenge to online publishers, whose content delivery business model is very much wedded to the ‘page’ metaphor. That is, getting visitors to your destination pages, and then serving them with lots of ad impressions.

Thx to Joanna Geary

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