Monday, January 11, 2010

When enough is enough

If you haven't read Emily Bell's thought provoking article in Media Guardia this morning then do.

We were taught just over three years ago that onlien gave the opportunity for the journalist to expand on quantity,delve into greater detail and focus on important issues.

Yet according to Ms Bell that is no longer the case

in a digital world, and one where the cost of journalism is not falling as quickly as the revenues that support it, the opportunity arises to rethink what is "enough" in terms of good reporting, or commentary.

We are she adds

in the unmade world of digital news and comment and analysis, we find ourselves, like the music industry, creating to a format that is much more appropriate for another era, because we are hardwired to do so.

Yet as Emily says whilst breaking news is well suited to the tweet format and analysis is well suited to the expanded online version,it is the 400-word article that is most under pressure.

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