Friday, February 26, 2010

Beeb-getting its house in order before a Tory government does it for them?

If correct then this morning's Times has usurped the BBC with reports of its strategic plans.

According to the paper,the corporation plans to close two radio stations, shut half its website and cut spending on imported American programmes.

The radio stations to close are 6music and the Asian network as the paper says

Mark Thompson, the Director-General, will admit that the corporation, which is funded by the £3.6 billion annual licence fee, has become too large and must shrink to give its commercial rivals room to operate.

adding that

It will be seen as an attempt to show a potential Tory government that the BBC understands the effect the deep advertising recession has had on commercial rivals and that it does not need outside intervention to get its house in order.

It is interesting that one of the proposals is to halve the content of its online presence,no doubt trying to calm the nerves of local newspaper groups who see the continued moves of the Beeb as unfair competition.

The BBC have yet to comment on the story.According to the Times,the document goes before the Trust and will be announced next month

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