Friday, February 26, 2010

Media under attack from Home Office report.

Also in the news this morning is a report out from the Home office which warns that that children are 'over-exposed' to sexual imagery, and that parents have little power to stop it.

In an attack on the media,the report advocates tougher regulation of adverts and the placing parental controls on mobile phones.

It has created headlines such as Sexy videos should be banned until after TV watershed in the Telegraph.

The report, by psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, also recommends the banning the sale of lads' magazines such as Zoo from under-15s, and restricting them to the top shelves to keep them out of children's eyeline.

But should we in the media be concerned.Toby young certainly doesn't think so.Writing this morning in the Telegraph he says that the report

feels like a bit of cheap electioneering rather than a serious piece of research.

and questions whether indeed

there’s a “clear link” between sexual imagery and violence against women

The report he concludes

is a not a serious investigation into the causes of violence against women. Rather, it posits a link between that violence and various things that Dr Popadopoulus disapproves of — such as lad mags and airbrushed photographs — in a spurious attempt to either ban them or regulate them on grounds of public safety.

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