Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The digital divide -is broadband tax funding the wealthy?

The Commons Business Committee has criticised the government plans to introduce a 50p-per-month tax on households to fund superfast broadband as 'regressive', saying it will result in the poor paying for a service used mainly by the wealthy.

In what will be seen as a rebuff to the method of funding the next generation of internet coonections,the committee said that the charge would have a much greater impact on the less well off who will pay for an enhanced service which only a minority will enjoy.

They added that if public funds are required for next generation access, they should be raised through general taxation, in the same way as for any other national infrastructure programme."

Tory MP Peter Luff joined the debate saying ‘market will determine the roll out of super-fast broadband.’ and urging the government to focus on getting people who are offline online instead.

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