Friday, February 19, 2010

From schools to genealogy-the fall and rise again of Friends Reunited

How short time travels in the world of social media?

It wasn't that long ago that Friends Reunited was the talk of the town.Everybody was on it,looking up their old school aquaintences,establishing who had made the most of their lives.

It was even being blamed for divorces and seperations as old aquaintences sparked into life.

And at the height of it all,ITV jumped on the bandwagon and paid £170m for it.

Yesterday that dream came to an end as the competition commission gave the go ahead for its sale for £25m to Brightsolid.

Brightsolid for those who haven't heard of them are in the geneology game,at its height at the moment with the grey pound meaning the older generation have mich time on their hands to research their family history.

It is estimated that up to 2m are currently reaserching their family origins

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