Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Saturday's papers are saying

Every front page has pictures of Tiger Woods apologising to his fans for his behavior

The blue backdrop, the bare podium, and the respectful audience gave it the air of a presidential press conference. Except that presidents generally take questions. And instead of geopolitics, the newsflash that stopped the world spinning for almost 14 minutes yesterday was this: Tiger Woods has given up extra-marital sex. says the Independent

Tearful Tiger Woods yesterday apologised to his wife, his fans and his sponsors in a TV broadcast watched by billions – and admitted: “I have let you all down.”reports the Mirror

The Times says the golf star gave a sorry performance

Whilst the Sun puts him alongside Ashley Cole on its front page who it says bedded a girl during a Chelsea tour of America.

voters' 'submerged optimism' will stop a Tory win is the headline in the Guardian as the paper reports that Labour plans to stop the Tories winning the general election by tapping into a "submerged optimism" about the future and by applying Barack Obama's reliance on word-of-mouth campaigning,

According to the Telegraph,Labour candidates have been told not to campaign on the party’s record in office.

It though leads with the news that fortnightly bin collections are to be extended across the country to save money.

According to the Independent British soldiers have gone on the run from their posts on more than 17,000 occasions since the start of the Iraq war

Meanwhile the Times has learnt that The Government’s own human rights watchdog has demanded a public inquiry into claims that British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of more than 20 detainees in the War on Terror

Fresh questions have been raised about the date when ministers first knew British passports had been used by a hit squad that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai claims the Telegraph

A Daily Mail investigation has found speculators cashing in on the weak pound have created a shortage of at least 40 drugs,

NHS patients are being put at risk because profiteering pharmacists are selling prescription drugs to Europe says the paper

The Express claims that town hall chiefs are enjoying massive pay rises while millions face redundancies, pay cuts and soaring council tax,

Finally the question that has been on everyone's lips has been revealed.

Stacey Branning killed Archie Mitchell, it was revealed last night in EastEnders' first live episode.says the Sun

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