Friday, February 12, 2010

No new year cheer for newspaper sales.

The latest ABC's are out and the nationals are once again taking a battering.

All the broadsheets have shown large year on year declines although the effects of bulk removal have hit the Times and the Telegraph particularly hard.

The Times has seen its daily sales decline nearly 18 per cent across the year with the Telegraph down nearly 12 per cent,and both the Guardian and the Indy falling nearly 14 per cent.

Amongst the tabloids,no newspaper apart from the Daily Star recorded a year-on-year rise.The Mirror has seen fall of over 10 per cent,the Express around 8 per cent and the Sun near to 4 per cent.The Mail recorded the smallest drop around 3 per cent.

Amongst the Sunday's the patterns are similar with the Observer was the biggest year-on-year faller in the Sunday quality sector, down 17 per cent.

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