Monday, February 22, 2010

Twittering for a living

I have spent the day back at my old stomping ground at Uclan taking part in a seminar organised by Francois Nel on twittering for a living.

It's part of three workshops aimed at getting students from both the media and business faculties to enter the entrepreneurial world of work.

This,the second of the three was aimed at showing how social media can be used to build a brand both a personal one and a business one and how social media can help to build a network.

I used by experiences at Innovation Manchester as a case study in point whilst my co presenter Simon Harrow looked at the theory behind networks.

One of the questions that came up was the time factor and we both made it clear that creating a social media brand was not something you could do overnight.In fact we both agreed that the strategy could easily take six to twelve months.

It was interesting to note how few of the assembled audience used social media tools other than facebook and as I pointed out in the question and answer session,converting some of that facebook time to social media sources could well benefit them.

We were joined on webcam by Joanna Geary from the Times who told the audience that she had always been more comfortable using social media as a medium for communicating with her audience and emphised how building a brand is so important now especially in the world of journalism.


JosephStash said...

Thanks for coming to talk today Nigel.

I'm following you on Twitter now, and my blog is here if you want to take a look:


Nigel Barlow said...

Enjoyed it a great deal Joseph.

Have addded your blog to my RSS feed