Friday, February 12, 2010

We were “in on a moment of modern history”

It's a hark back to the pre internet reporting days.It's 1979 and a young Jon Snow is in Iran as the country prepares to shift from a monrachy to Islamic fundementalism

I was there! Thirty-one years ago, wedged amongst a chanting, seething sea of black-clad woman in chadors moving through downtown Tehran. So dense was the throng that even filming what we were witnessing proved almost impossible.
It was exciting, we knew the Islamic revolution – a people’s clamour for change, for spiritual renewal in the aftermath of the feeble fading of the Shah’s corrupt pro-Western regime – would change the balance of the world in which we lived, but we could not fathom how
.and he adds

We knew too that we were “in on a moment of modern history”.

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