Sunday, February 28, 2010

What the Sunday's are saying

More bullying revelations,the army in crisis and the handshake that never was.

The Mail on Sunday is in possession of tape recording which shows a bullying Prime Minister in action.

one of his closest aides revealed in a sensational tape-recording how the Prime Minister shoved him on the stairs inside No10.

It adds

The adviser says Mr Brown’s staff have made excuses for his bullying behaviour for years. And, damagingly, he questions whether they had been right to do so, arguing a ‘core part’ of being Prime Minister is to treat people properly.

Meanwhile in the Observer it's week 2 of the Rawnsley revelations.According to the paper

Tony Blair descended into such a deep depression after the Iraq war that he told Gordon Brown and John Prescott he would quit No 10 the following summer

The head of the army has warned that British troops are facing a crisis of deteriorating morale on the home front that risks undermining the war in Afghanistan is the lead in the Sunday Times.

In a confidential draft memo prepared for ministers, General Sir David Richards, chief of the general staff (CGS), said that recent cuts to the defence budget are having a “cumulative and corrosive effect on our soldiers and their families”.

Yesterday's Chile earthquake is covered in all the papers,the Independent says it killed

at least 210 people, bringing down homes and hospitals, and setting off a tsunami that triggered warnings and evacuations across the entire Pacific

In the Chilean capital,says the Telegraph,

some five million woke up to "hell" as the earthquake, which struck in the small hours of Saturday morning, collapsed tower blocks and bridges and swallowed cars as it ripped cracks in the roads. Rescue teams worked throughout the day to dig out people buried alive in the rubble.

There is much political coverage.The Sunday Telegraph leads with the story that a Labour minister says his party has been infiltrated by a fundamentalist Muslim group that wants to create an “Islamic social and political order” in Britain.

The Independent claims that The Conservatives would abandon Labour's belief that "pumping" money into the most deprived areas is the way to solve Britain's social problems,

The Telegraph says that David Cameron will declare that he will not retreat into the "Conservative comfort zone" and will carry on with his modernising crusade as he attempts to arrest his party's dip in fortunes.

The Express claims that disruptive pupils will be put back on track by a task force of ex-Army officers under ground-breaking Conservative education plans.

According to the Sunday Times,disgraced MPs will retain their privileged access to the House of Commons even after losing their seats in parliament.

Hundreds of the best-performing comprehensive schools appear to be covertly selecting pupils from more affluent backgrounds and blocking those from more deprived families,reports the Observer

A double story on the front of the News of the World.As Wayne Bridge

refused to shake hands with his former friend and team-mate when the pair lined up against each other at Chelsea yesterday.

the paper turns it attention to Peter Andre and reports how

ex-model Maddy Ford reveals how the Mysterious Girl star swept her off her feet only eight days after his divorce.

Meanwhile the Sunday Mirror reports that Simon Cowell has told Cheryl Cole she must not go back to cheating husband Ashley, telling her: Its time to think of yourself, kiddo. He's had enough chances.

According to the Sunday Times,exam watchdogs secretly downgraded the GCSE results of thousands of pupils last summer to avoid a damaging public row over grade inflation,

Finally,The Sunday Telegraph reports the comments of Hilary Mantel, who has announced that girls are ready to have babies when they are 14 years-old.

The 57-year-old novelist said that society ran on a "male timetable" which dictated that women should have babies at an older age.