Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Tuesday's papers are saying

Credit card rates,winter fuel bonza and lottery winners this Tuesday morning.

Both the Telegraph and the Independent lead with the news that millions of borrowers are facing “crippling” debts after banks put up interest rates on credit cards to a 12 year high.

According to the Telegraph,The cost of paying on plastic has gone up by more than a quarter in just four years, new figures show.

Whilst the Independent says that loan experts accused banks and credit card companies of "cashing in" on struggling borrowers after lenders were forced to cut back on late payment fees and missold credit insurance policies.

Meanwhile accordong to the Mail's lead,Bosses have been forced to borrow on their credit cards because bankers are still refusing to lend them money.

Six out of ten firms were turned down for bank loans last year, a shock survey reveals today.

Official figures obtained by The Times show that British taxpayers paid £14 million in fuel allowances last winter to expatriates living in Spain, Portugal, Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

The push in Afghanistan continues.Coalition forces continued to advance into Taliban-held areas in the violent southern Afghan province of Helmand yesterday says the Guardian

Gordon Brown tells the country that Operation Moshtarak will succeed in driving the Taliban out of Helmand despite the rise in death toll among British troops says the Telegraph

But the Times says that roops were bogged down by sniper fire and home-made bombs

Nato and allied forces were meeting fierce resistance in their battle to seize the Taleban’s main stronghold in southern Afghanistan, and were able to advance only 500 yards yesterday.

Most of the papers report on the train crash in Belgium which says the Independent,suffered its worst train crash for more than half a century yesterday when two commuter trains collided head-on south-west of Brussels.

carriages lay shattered in the snow after a head-on rail crash which killed at least 27 and injured more than 50 yesterday says the Mail

According to the Guardian,

Hospitals were accused tonight of putting patients' lives at unnecessary risk after research revealed they were failing to comply with NHS orders designed to prevent deaths from mistakes involving drugs, surgery or equipment.

Many of the papers report on the claims of police in the Gulf state Of Dubai who say that six British passport holders dressed in tennis clothes and wearing false beards and wigs were involved in the assassination of a senior Hamas commander

The faces of the £56m lottery winners stare out from many of the front pages,the Mirror tells us that they will earn £190,000 in interest per day

When Nigel Page discovered he had won £56million on the lottery he was left speechless and shaking. His shocked partner Justine Laycock gasped: 'Oh my God.'
But her15-year-old daughter Georgia helped keep their feet on the ground.
'She just said, "Whatever"...she was a typical teenager about it,' said Mrs Laycock yesterday as the couple relived the moment they discovered they were Britain's biggest winners.
reports the Mail

The Express leads with a report that

Britain's benefits shambles was exposed last night by the case of a mother-of-six who receives £7,000 a month of taxpayers’ cash to live in a £2million mansion.

Finally Ghostly goings on in the Sun which asks whether a girl snapped at a ruined castle could be the spirit of a Countess who lived there, experts said last night.adding that

Researchers think the spectre is Winifred, Countess of Dundonald.
She inherited Gwrych Castle - hailed as one of Britain's most haunted sites - in 1894.

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