Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Committee to protect journalists releases its name and shame list for 2009

The Committee to protect journalists has released its attacks on the Press 2009 report but as its executive director Joel Simon says

Today’s fragmented and diffuse media landscape has opened new opportunities for advocacy campaigns, ones that unite local and international concerns, ones that use blogs, e-mail blasts, and social media to shape public opinion. With the power of traditional media diminished, getting your message out is a painstaking process that demands the use of multiple methods. This is true whether you are running a political campaign, marketing a movie, or fighting for the human rights of journalists working in repressive countries.

71 journalists have been killed last year and as at the 1st of December 136 were being held in prison.

Amongst the countries highlighted in the report comes Iran which still held 23 writers and editors,and the Philippines which ranked worst among peacetime democracies, trailing only war-ridden places such as Iraq and Somalia.

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