Monday, March 01, 2010

What Monday's papers are saying

David Cameron's speeech to the Tory spring conference makes many of the front pages.

According to the Telegraph he insisted that he has what it takes to run Britain,

Speaking confidently without notes at the party’s pre-election conference in Brighton, he said: “Every day that goes by I feel I have what it takes to turn this country around and get it moving again. And that is what we badly need to do.

The Guardian reporrts that in his speech he

was forced to admit today that Britain harbours doubts about the Conservatives and conceded the party still faces a "real fight" if it is to persuade voters that the Tories are ready for government.

Mr Cameron admitted that time was running out to win over a sceptical public says the Independent.

But says the Mail, insisting he has 'what it takes to turn this country around', he vowed to do all he could to avoid the 'incredible dark depression of another five years of Gordon Brown'.

David Cameron yesterday vowed to tear Gordon Brown's "dark"record apart in the election campaign says the Sun.

Whilst the Times chooses to lead with the fact that he propelled marriage to the centre of the election campaign after surprising the Tory party faithful with a promise to spell out his flagship policy before polling day.

The other main news from the weekend is the earthquake in Chile.Accordong to the Guardian,the death toll from Saturday's devastating earthquake in Chile rose to more than 700 as rescue workers fanned out across a 600km-long stretch of the country

The increase in the death toll came as officials revealed as many as 300 people had perished in the small coastal town of Constitucion alone.reports the Independent

President Bachelet desribes 'a catastrophe of such unthinkable magnitude that it will require a giant effort for Chile to recover'says the Times

Meanwhile many of the papers report that storms swept through western Europe at the weekend, killing up to 50 people in France

Three people were killed in Spain, two in Germany and one in Portugal, but France was the worst hit as heavy rains, strong gusts of wind and high tides destroyed Atlantic coast sea walls, killing 25 people in the town of l'Aiguillon sur Mer alone, the mayor told French television
says the Telegraph

Back home and the Times reports that a lack of 24-hour nursing cover and poor planning by doctors is threatening government plans to give the terminally ill a right to die at home, campaigners say.

Meanwhile a murder tragedy in Southampton.The Mail reports that the suspect on the run after the death of his girlfriend and baby daughter was described by police as 'armed and dangerous' yesterday.

Stephanie Bellinger, 24, and her eight-month-old daughter Lily were brutally stabbed to death in the semi- detached home they shared with Anthony Marsh, 21.

The Express lead with news that a poison as harmful as arsenic is ­contaminating fruit juices and cordials drunk by millions of people every day across Britain.According to the paper

The toxin called antimony, which is lethal in large doses and has been linked to cancer, was discovered in 16 of the most popular brands of juice and squash.

For the Sun,its the Coles that once again dominate the front pages as Cheryl Cole has opened her heart and confessed she is terrified about single life.

The Mirror says that Cheryl Cole has finally dashed love rat Ashley’s lingering hopes of a reunion – in a phone chat with his mother Sue.

Finally many of the papers report on the latest from Silvio Berlusconi who has reports the Guardian,unveiled a selection of candidates for election that includes a Miss Italy contestant, a former TV weathergirl and a showgirl turned dental hygienist.

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