Saturday, March 06, 2010

What Saturday's papers are saying

Gordon Brown's appearence before the Chilcott committee is the main subject for some of the papers.

The Times
claims that

Former commanders accused Gordon Brown of deliberately misleading the Iraq inquiry after he blamed the military for failing properly to equip the Armed Forces for war.
and according to Admiral Lord Boyce

“He’s dissembling, he’s being disingenuous. It’s just not the case that the Ministry of Defence was given everything it needed

The day Gordon Brown came clean on Iraq is the headline in the Guardian as it reports that he told the Chilcot inquiry that Tony Blair did 'everything properly' and rejected criticisms over equipment

Meanwhile the Independent reports that

Iraqis go to the polls tomorrow in an election which has led to increased tensions between the country's three main communities after a fierce campaign in which some candidates were banned as former supporters of Saddam Hussein's party.

The other story of the day continues to rumble on.The Telegraph reports that Jack Straw has agreed to meet with James Bulger’s mother to discuss the return to prison of Jon Venables, one of her son's killers.

Meanwhile the Mail reveals that Jon Venables worked for years as a nightclub bouncer despite his violent past

His bosses had no idea he was one of the country's most notorious killers and were happy to hand him the responsibility for ejecting troublemakers from a series of venues.

The Sun claims that Jon Venables was thrown back in jail over an allegation that he committed a sickening sex crime,

Whilst the Mirror says the 27-year-old hit the nightclubs to get smashed on cider and cocktails while snorting cocaine and popping ecstasy pills.

The Independent leads with the story that Bob Geldof and the Band Aid trust are to report the BBC to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom over a World Service report that millions of pounds raised for famine victims in Ethiopia in 1985 were actually spent on weapons.

Election fever in the Telegraph which says that plans that could lead to the closure of hundreds of hospital wards are being drawn up but will not be made public until after the general election,

Meanwhile the Times continues to persue Lord Ashcroft as it claims the Tory Party’s last general election campaign was partly financed with a £750,000 loan from an offshore haven

As in the Guardian which reports that the Conservative party deputy chairman is accused of providing loans of more than $5m to the disgraced former premier of the Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick, through the local bank Ashcroft controls. According to his opponents, he "ought to have been aware that Mr Misick was corrupt".

Record numbers of the over-55s want to move abroad because they are fed up with Britain's soaring crime rates, its creaking economy and the rotten weather.
reports the Mail

The weather makes the front of the Express as well as it reports that the Met Office is to stop making ­seasonal forecasts after coming under fire for getting everything wrong.

The Guardian reports the increasing row between Turkey and the US as the former has threatened to downgrade its strategic relationship with the US amid nationalist anger over a vote in the US Congress that defined the mass killings of Armenians during the first world war as genocide.

The mother of a five-year-old British boy abducted at gunpoint in Pakistan has made an impassioned plea to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to save her son as the kidnappers’ silence raises fears for his safety. reports the Times

According to the Telegraph his denied that it was an "inside job" involving people connected with members of his own family.

More football revelations in the Sun as it shows pictures of Man United's Patrice Evra gets a kiss from a leggy blonde in a budget hotel at nearly 2am and in the Mirror on th night that John Terry tried to bed me

Finally reports the Telegraph,a German tabloid has advised Greeks to adopt a more Germanic work ethic – by rising earlier and working harder – in order to solve the country's financial crisis.

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