Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What Tuesday's papers are saying

Lord Ashcroft and the pound are under attack this morning.

The unanswered questions says the Independent,which include On what grounds was Lord Ashcroft's non-dom status granted? and How can a British citizen who claims to be a permanent resident of the UK gain non-domicile tax status?

Whilst the Guardian reports that the Conservative leadership was facing fresh demands to reveal what they knew about the tax status of Lord Ashcroft.

Meanwhile the Times says that he struck a private deal ten years ago to save himself tax on his overseas income,

Other papers from the right choose to focus on the pound which says the Telegraph fell sharply on Monday as financial markets took fright at the growing possibility of a hung parliament.

The Guardian describes how

In frenetic morning trading, sterling at one stage dropped by more than four cents against the dollar to a nine-month low of below $1.48, but rallied slightly to end the day 2.5 cents down.

Whilst the Express says that holidaymakes and shoppers were dealt a severe blow yesterday as the pound tumbled to a 10-month low and experts warned that sterling was “staring into the abyss”.

The pound wont be helped by the latest opinion poll in the Indy which suggests that Labour would have 17 more seats than the Tories in a hung parliament.

The Mail leads with the story of an elderly couple were killed in a suspected arson attack after they challenged yobs terrorising their sheltered housing complex,

Albert and Kath Adams, both 77, died after a gang set fire to a mobility scooter in their porch.

10,000 troops have been deployed on the streets of Chile to enforce a military curfew and crack down on looting following Saturday's massive earthquake. reports the Telegraph

Whilst the Times reports from the coastal town of ConstituciĆ³n,where

“The sea came and covered everything. It was 30 metres high. There were two waves. When we saw the sea coming in, everybody ran. I climbed up the hill.”

Meanwhile the Independent says that four Britons were reported missing last night by a website for surfers in the resort of Pichilemu, including Scottish couple Kirsty Duff and Dave Sandercock.

There is a great deal of coverage of the appearance of Phil Jones in front of a parliamentary inquiry.He says the Guardian

admitted he had sent "awful emails" but said he expected to be cleared of accusations that he tried to pervert the scientific process.

Whilst another appearance this time in the Hague also gets headlines.

Radovan Karadzic has answered genocide charges for the first time since the Bosnian War with a claim he fought a "just and holy" war against Muslim extremists.
reports the Telegraph

According to the Times,the Yorkshire ripper,Peter Sutcliffe

was wrongly convicted of murder and may be safe for release less than 30 years after admitting killing 13 women, medical evidence presented to the High Court concluded yesterday.

The death of BBC presenter Kristian Digby is widely reported.

The To Buy Or Not To Buy host, 32, is thought to have suffocated while starving himself of oxygen for a thrill.says the Sun

More from the BBC in the Guardian which reports that its former director general Greg Dyke,has said his successor is overpaid and out of touch with his staff,

The Yorkshire Ripper returns to the headlines.According to the Mail,Peter Sutcliffe is using taxpayers' money in an attempt to win his freedom.

The Times reports that one of Peter Sutcliffe’s psychiatrists believes the paranoid schizophrenic killer may now be safe for release

Yesterday was the day in which 11 year old find out which school they will be attending next Septemeber and the Telegraph reports that half of children in some areas have been rejected from their preferred secondary school amid fierce competition for the most sought-after places.

Finally the Independent reports from Warsaw where free round-the-clock concerts are being held to mark the composer Chopin's 200th birthday.

You could have heard jazz star Grazyna Auguscik as she improvised over Chopin melodies, or an unknown young pianist playing nocturnes at 3am to curled-up couples and solitary night-owls. Nearly 300 musicians signed up to play at "The Longest Birthday", the idea for which came from the doubt surrounding the composer's actual date of birth.


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