Monday, March 01, 2010

How mobile is changing America

A new study out from Pew this morning suggests that Americans want their news portable personalized and participatory.

According to the report

The internet is at the center of the story of how people’s relationship to news is changing. Six in ten Americans (59 per cent) get news from a combination of online and offline sources on a typical day, and the internet is now the third most popular news platform, behind local television news and national television news.

In terms of Portable: 33% of cell phone owners now access news on their cell phones.

In terms of Personalized: 28% of internet users have customized their home page to include news from sources and on topics that particularly interest them.

In terms of Participatory: 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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NookSurfer said...

I don't find this surprising as the new trend of going green and the advancements in technology. Especially with people on the move, it is just more economical and convenient to go the electronic route compared to the traditional newspapers.