Monday, March 03, 2008

How times are changing at the Telegraph.

This morning's Telegraph devotes a big spread on page 9 to the "marriage "of Tory MP Alan Duncan and James Dunseath

The paper reports that

A senior member of David Cameron's team is to become the first Conservative MP to enter into a civil partnership.
Alan Duncan, the shadow business secretary, will make political history with his announcement in The Daily Telegraph today.Mr Duncan, 50, an MP since 1992, will be the first member of the Cabinet or shadow cabinet to have entered into a legal partnership with a same-sex partner

I like Guido's comment

Alan Duncan is tying the knot with James Dunseath it is announced on the Court & Social page of the Telegraph. Some serious social changes are encapsulated in that, not so long ago the only Queen on that page was Elizabeth II, and the letters pages were full of outrage at gay marriages.

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